In less than four weeks, the Atlantic Conference for Administrative Professionals will take place yet again! We are super excited to host this event for the fourth consecutive year, especially in 2020.

Living with the pandemic made us all face many professional and personal challenges. That is why it makes it so much more satisfying to be able to invite you to this conference this year.

We are very proud of our engaging program, amazing speakers, awesome networking opportunities and yes, as promised a few surprises, to make this virtual experience unforgettable to all.


Someone said that the future is virtual. Little did we all know how fast we will have to face it. The health and safety of all attending our event have always been our priority and the pandemic enhanced certain rules and brought additional regulations into focus. We all hear and live by #physicaldistancing these days.  Our team at Spark Conferences faced the challenge, embraced the change and moved forward to make the ACAP happen. We decided to produce the best online content and to make it appealing to all administrative professionals, whether still working from home or those who are back in the office. In fact, online events will make it possible for us to reach out to all of you who may not otherwise be able to travel and meet in-person. Let’s look at the bright side of things. It is not about ignoring difficulties, but a willingness to shift the focus just a bit. When faced with the new reality, in our case, it made us work harder on a customized agenda for all to be able to attend the conference online. We want you to join us VIRTUALLY on July 29th to learn, to network with peers, to share, and to celebrate together, all the hard-working, resilient administrative professionals. It’s all about making lemonade with lemons life gave us in this July heat! Sounds refreshing right!


We know that we can hardly wait for the event to happen. How about you? We want to share our excitement with you. Thinking about attending the virtual ACAP?


Here are our top 6 reasons to attend:


  1. An impressive line up of experts, who will present on leadership skills, professional growth, work-life balance and performance. All breakout sessions are made into small meeting spaces to give you an opportunity to interact with the speaker. Pick and choose who you want to listen to and participate in Q&A in each session.
  • Understand of what it means to be a leader with Claudine Lowry
  • Learn how to say no by setting right boundaries and Embrace the change while you’re at it, with Deborah Lohrenz
  • We struggle with prioritizing our workload, especially now with more work from home situations, get the tips from Mel Champagne
  • How about getting a bit of self-confidence boost to empower yourself with Kim Bourgeois 
  • Wendy R. Carroll is presenting on what the future may hold for the profession and how to prepare for it.

And these are just some of the choices available for you. For many more sessions and details on each, please check our program agenda. Oh! and let’s not forget that all essential sessions will be highlighted and offered on-demand!


  1. You may think a virtual event is just another Zoom session or webinar, but we are here to prove you wrong! The interactive features of advanced virtual events allow for amazing networking possibilities among delegates. There will be a Q&A, chat rooms, and breaks for all to engage in a conversation and exploration of key issues valid for administrative professionals. Do you have questions and comments? Please do share them with your peers! We definitely live in rather “interesting” times and all sectors of the economy are being challenged by pandemic, here is your opportunity to talk, interact, ask your peers – how are they managing their jobs and careers?


  1. Laughter is the best medicine, right! The comedian and author, Susan Stewart, is our closing keynote speaker. She uses comedy to help people deal with everyday stress. And who’s better than her to give us all a little lift these days by showing us a lighter side of life. She’s been busy these days too. Working on her podcast Still a Hot Mess, along with her co-host Kelly Fanson. And let’s not forget that we want you to keep this good, happy feeling, after the conference! So, Susan’s book “You Gotta Laugh” will be gifted to all delegates. Hope we made you smile!
  1. Let’s continue with give away goodies. We want you all to own Sheila Kelly’s new book “The Power of UN (A Spiritual Seeker’s Guide to Peace, Love, and Happiness)”.
    A leadership coaching pioneer in Nova Scotia, Sheila has coached hundreds of middle and senior managers over thousands of hours, helping them transform how they show up at work. She’s also developed and delivered workshops on everything from difficult conversations and developing coaching skills to mindfulness and the law of attraction. As Sheila in her own words describes the book that it “chronicles my journey through… and out of… the chaos and unhappiness of my own workplace disengagement”. The ACAP conference offers two sessions with Sheila Kelly: Coach Yourself to Leadership Success and Work-Life Balance. Is it Lie?


  1. Self-improvement comes through education, as much as through self-care. During the conference, we will offer sessions with Ketonah Yoga instructor Lesly Seto as well as Meditation hour with Autumn Grant. Pull out your yoga mats at home and join our experts on learning new relaxation methods to enhance your coping mechanism with stress.


  1. After sharing all the exciting news and surprises for July 29th, how about our promised BIG SURPRISE? For the pre-conference online networking session on July 28th, we are inviting you to join us for a LIVE performance by Dave Carroll who will rock the house during this live streaming Zoom session just for you administrative professionals! Grab a drink, get the speakers on loud, and listen to this Nova Scotia native master storytelling singer-songwriter.


Will it be different this year? We still at different phases of reopening across Canada. Public health officials, from all government levels, stress out the importance of being responsible and adhere to physical distancing rules. It’s about being mindful and not to spread the virus We also need to protect the vulnerable. So yes, this virtual event will be different in form but not in its SPIRIT.

We are ready to host you true to this year’s theme Olympic Performance in the Workplace. Our keynote speaker and Olympic Gold Medalist: Katie Weatherston will talk all about the importance of what the past few months have shown and proved yet again, your incredible perseverance and resilience as professionals.  You are performing like true Olympians. Administrative professionals have to hold their workplaces organized and functional amidst the “new normal”.

As we all need to adjust in our daily lives lest not forget what is at the core of keeping ourselves healthy and happy. Sustaining human connection is super important. That is why we love to produce the conference in the first place. A conference is a perfect space for delegates to meet and network with their peers while getting educated to enhance their careers, expand their skills, and set their personal goals. We believe virtual ACAP offers great learning opportunities and more. Technology allows us to connect in a good and even fun way. (Our 6 reasons, out of many, to make you excited about your event!)  It creates new possibilities to extend your networks, giving you more opportunities to grow. During a time of social isolation, it’s a great way to stay connected with your peers. We all need support and may receive a bit of good advice in return.


That’s what we believe is the best giveaway!

Have you made up your mind yet?

See you online on July 29th!

Spark Conferences Team