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See what our previous delegates had to say about the event!

I could have listened to Jim Spellos all day. I spend so much of my day on Google. I will be more productive and better at my job because of him.

“An excellent day seminar focusing on the Administrative Assistant – well organized and my attention was kept the entire day!

The Atlantic Conference is an incredibly well-organized event for professional Admins in HRM to find educational and networking opportunities that cannot be beaten. I’ve attended two years in a row, I would recommend it to another Admin and I look forward to attending next year!

“Great job on the running of the conference itself!

This was my first time attending the conference and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Every administrative professional should have the opportunity to attend. I’ve started recruiting attendees for next year already!

“This was my first time attending a conference. I was feeling excited and nervous not knowing what to expect. There was no need to worry! The people I met were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. The speakers were engaging and the breakout sessions were informative. I made new friends and became reacquainted with an old friend (bonus!). I am thrilled to come back in 2019.

The conference is amazing! The sessions are super helpful and interesting.

“I thought the sessions were very informative, well organized, and entertaining. I liked the flow of the event. Well organized and the food was amazing. Will definitely attend next year!! Great job by all!!

I had a wonderful day meeting great people, eating great food, and took away some excellent material – great job!

“It was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend it for any office administration professional.

This was a great conference to learn new techniques from peers. So many great speakers that really understand what we do day-to-day because they are doing it too!