Frequently Asked Questions

Free Registration Eligibility

Why are there different rates for registration (free vs. paid)?

We recognize resources that support professional development opportunities within Indigenous Communities and Organizations are often underfunded compared with non-indigenous organizations. We seek to promote access. At the same time, we encourage those working in non-indigenous organizations to participate in this collaborative gathering to help inform their practice and organizational approach when supporting Indigenous clients, families and communities.

Who is eligible for free registration?

Individuals employed by indigenous-led communities or organizations.

Is the knowledge exchange open to non-indigenous participants working in a non-indigenous organization?

Yes, absolutely. We are promoting a collaborative space where participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges experienced by Indigenous individuals and communities. We encourage you to consider registering for one of the pre-conference workshops delving deeper into cultural safety.


Who do I contact regarding eligibility for free registration?

For any questions regarding free registration eligibility, please contact:

Jennifer Hewitt

Administrative Assistant

Spark Conferences

M: 647-448-0481

E: jennifer@sparkconferences.com

Travel Grants

What is a travel grant?

A travel grant is financial support provided to cover a portion of the expenses associated with attending this specific event, making it possible for healthcare professionals working for Indigenous-led organizations to participate in the event.

The travel grants aim to enable participants who might otherwise face financial barriers to attend the event. If you qualify for a travel grant but don’t require it, please let the organizers know so they can allocate the grants where most needed.

Do I qualify for a travel grant?

If the answer is YES to the two questions below, you may be eligible for a travel grant.

  1. Will you be present at the event?
  2. Are you eligible for a free registration?

Please note: Your attendance at the event is a vital requirement for travel grant eligibility. Any cancellations regardless of the reason, including circumstances beyond your control, will disqualify you from receiving the travel grant.

In the unlikely event, that the conference is cancelled by the organizers for reasons beyond their control, travel grants will not be distributed for this event. We advise delegates to always consider travel insurance when booking their flights or making other travel arrangements.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for a travel grant, please reach out to doriswarner@sehc.com.

How much is the travel grant?

The travel grant amounts range between $200 and $1725 and are determined by two main factors: the distance between your organization’s location and The Westin Calgary Airport, and whether your organization is based in the territories.

Here’s a breakdown of the grant amounts:

  • Travel grant amounts based on distance from The Westin Calgary Airport:
    • 0-99 km: $200
    • 100-199 km: $725
    • 200-999 km: $1000
    • 1000 km and over: $1500
  • Organizations located in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon are eligible for a maximum grant of $1725, regardless of the distance to The Westin Calgary Airport.


If you are employed by multiple organizations, for calculation purposes, please choose the one you want to appear on your event name badge.

If your organization has multiple locations, please select the one where you work most frequently.



How do I calculate the distance between my organization's location and the conference hotel?

To ensure consistency in the travel grant calculation process, we kindly request all eligible delegates to follow the same method using the Google Maps application as outlined below.

If you encounter any difficulties following these instructions, or if you find it more convenient, please feel free to request assistance from the conference organizers in measuring this distance. You can reach out to us by sending an email to info@sparkconferences.com.

Google Maps Instructions:

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. If the hotel location (671 Aero Drive NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2E 7Y5) is not visible, please add it in the area highlighted in yellow – see picture 1 below.
  3. Add your organization’s location to the map in the area highlighted in green.
  4. Right-click on your organization’s location and select ‘measure distance – see picture 2.
  5. Click on the hotel location on the map – see picture 3.
  6. The distance will be displayed at the bottom of the screen – see picture 4. This measured distance, in kilometres, should be used for travel grant calculation purposes. 

For a more detailed demonstration of how to measure this distance, please refer to this instructional video.

You can be confident that the conference organizers will also verify the distances on your behalf.

What if the travel grant doesn't cover the total cost of my travel?

We recognize that the travel grant may not fully cover all conference travel expenses, and in some cases, it may cover more than expected. The event organizers are committed to fair and efficient fund distribution among eligible delegates. If you qualify for a travel grant but don’t require it, please let the organizers know so they can allocate the grants where most needed.

My mailing address has changed since I registered for the event. Will you re-issue the travel grant cheque?

Travel grants will be disbursed via check approximately six to eight weeks following the conference. The cheques will be sent to the address provided on your registration form. If your mailing address changes, please inform us promptly to prevent the need for the cheque re-issuance and mailing. If you have not received your travel grant cheque from SE Health within nine to ten weeks after the event, please contact us at doriswarner@sehc.com.

Would it be possible to receive the travel grant by email transfer or cash?

The exclusive payment method for travel grants is by cheque.

Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the travel grant?

For any questions regarding travel grant eligibility, please contact: 

Jennifer Hewitt

Administrative Assistant

Spark Conferences

M: 647-448-0481

E: jennifer@sparkconferences.com


Attendance Online

Do I need a Zoom account?

Yes, please sign into your Zoom account before joining the conference or open one for free here.

Do I need to have my webcam on?

For certain sessions, we may request that you turn your webcam on in order to participate in a discussion; however, this request is optional.

Where Is the login information?

The login information is sent with purchase confirmation emails. Any registrations using the cheque payment option will recieve logins after payment confirmation.

An email with the login information is sent to all paid delegates again, a week prior to the conference. If you haven’t received this email within a week prior to the event, please email us at info@sparkconferences.com.

Attendance In Person

Can I switch to online?

If a registered attendee wishes to switch from an in-person registration to an online one, kindly provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by sending an email to jennifer@sparkconferences.com.

Parking options

On-site parking fees: $45.00 per day

How can I travel to the hotel venue?

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Downtown
108 Chestnut Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G1R3

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Downtown is located 3 stops north of Union Station on the West side of Line 1 at St. Patrick Station.

When can I book my hotel room?

Please use this link to book your room with our special conference rate of $229 per night. The rate is available only before October 11, while quantities last. 

General Questions

Can I watch the recordings?

All attendees of the conference will be given select sessions to watch on-demand after the conference ends. On-demand sessions are subject to release pending speaker permissions and any information security concerns.

Can I receive a letter of attendance?

Yes, you may request to receive a letter of attendance from the conference. Please email us at info@sparkconferences.com.

Where can I get a copy of all PowerPoint presentations?

Session presentations will be available in PDF format on the conference HUB as we receive them from speakers. You will receive the link and passcode in an email closer to the conference date.