Practical Cyber Security Governance: A Guide for Hospital Boards and Executives

“Hospital Board members have long been responsible for protecting their organizations from complex risks associated with quality, patient safety, and evolving medical innovations.
Yet today, there is a troubling tendency to view cybersecurity as fundamentally different and separate from other risks facing organizations, and therefore best left to staff who have the experience and operational expertise to address it.”

Read full paper by Kevin McGee here.


Cyber Risk Management

“Cyber security incidents in the healthcare environment can have serious and devastating consequences. They can lead to one or more losses including service interruptions, operational
losses, patient safety issues, reputational losses, privacy breaches, potential civil actions or class action lawsuits, regulatory investigations/fines and financial losses.

Recognizing the vital role critical systems play in patient care, we are slowly expanding from a focus on protecting patient data to the broader goal of protecting the ability to care for patients.”

Read more in HIROC’s: A Guide for Healthcare Administrators and Risk Managers


Cybersafe Healthcare: Options for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Canada’s Health Sector

“The number, significance, and complexity of cyberattacks is increasing, both in Canada and around the world. This Options Brief is intended to prompt discussion of how we can increase the collective resilience of the Canadians health sector’s critical infrastructure to cyber attacks. Its preparation was informed by a number of key inputs.

Preparation of this Options Brief was overseen by a HealthCareCAN Steering Committee formed to guide the development and implementation of a Health Sector Critical Infrastructure Network under the auspices of Canada’s National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure. It was made possible by funding from Public Safety Canada.”

Read more in HealthCareCAN’s Options Brief Cybersafe Healthcare: Options for Strengthening Cybersecurity in Canada’s Health Sector