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January 23, 2024

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Opening Remarks from the Chair

Althea Coutinho
Senior HR Consultant, CAMH

08:45 AM


08:45AM – 09:30AM

Session 1

Decentralized Models for HHR in a Hospital Setting

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The traditional model for HR in healthcare as well as other industries is centralized. However, at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) this model was not responding to the changing healthcare environment brought forward by the pandemic. There was a need at TOH to rethink the approach and be creative in addressing key health human resources challenges. To address this, TOH implemented a decentralized model that integrated key HR functions into the hospital’s existing organizational structures overseen by a consolidated people strategy aligned to its strategic plan.

Although this is a new initiative, through this session you will hear about some lessons learned and key take aways, including:

  • Why was the decentralized model implemented and what was the expected outcome.
  • What have been the biggest wins and challenges to date.
  • How was the plan viewed by the organization and HR team initially and now.

Cameron Love
President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

09:30 AM


09:30AM – 10:15AM

Session 2

Developing Your Own HHR Workforce: A SE Health Case Study

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The labour market for health human resources (HHR) is perhaps at its most challenging point in history. This crisis is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as the workforce ages and exits the market, while the demand for services – both volumes and acuity – are expected to increase.

To combat the emerging labour market challenges, SE Health examined the problem and developed an innovative solution that is making a big difference. We registered our own Private SE Career College of Health and created a gold-standard Personal Support Worker program allowing us to educate compassionate, quality, support workers and bring hope and happiness to people and communities across Canada.

In this session, SE Health will take the audience through our Career College development journey, sharing valuable lessons we learned along the way.

Key Session Takeaways Include:

  • How human-centred design is allowing us to continually adapt and evolve our program.
  • We’ll demonstrate that a paradigm shift is possible and how instrumental this approach is in meeting people and family care needs.
  • Innovative approaches to tackle complex problems are attainable when the right people and partners and are willing to try something different.

Matt Snyder
CHRO, SE Health

Tricia Swartz
Vice President for Operational Excellence, Home and Community Care, SE Health

Kim Utley
Clinical Director Health Care Solutions, SE Health

10:15 AM


10:15AM – 10:45AM


Morning Break

10:45 AM


10:45AM – 11:30AM

Session 3

Strategic Healthcare Recruitment in New Brunswick: A Provincial Perspective

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In the fiercely competitive landscape of healthcare recruitment, attracting skilled professionals to any province is a formidable challenge. Provincial recruitment efforts play a crucial role in enabling healthcare organizations to address their pressing staffing needs.

New Brunswick has the second oldest population Canada, which impacts not only the health workforce but the demands on the system. Coupled with an unprecedented growth in population, healthcare service utilization is up, which is putting additional pressures on an already overburdened healthcare system and its health human resources.

This has amplified the need for urgent action and the adoption of a provincial recruitment approach that is both strategic and innovative.

Key Session Takeaways Include:

  • Beyond the position: Lifestyle matters
  • Removing barriers to support Internationally Educated Health Professionals
  • What’s worked, what hasn’t

Kelsey MacDonald
Executive Director, Health Human Resources, Department of Health, New Brunswick

11:30 AM


11:30AM – 12:15PM

Session 4

Staffing Challenges: Recruiting, Retaining, and Mentoring Staff to be the New Leaders

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One of the roles of the executive leadership team is to build a pipeline of leaders to ensure there is sufficient talent for the long-term health of their organization. With the current challenges to staffing in healthcare, succession planning becomes more difficult and competitive.

Halton Healthcare, like other hospitals, see this as an important issue. To address the challenges, they built a highly successful program that identifies and rewards those employees that have the skills and aptitude to be the next generation of leaders.

Key Session Takeaways Include:

  • How did the program begin, and how has it maintained momentum throughout Covid?
  • How the program is structured, its scope, and its evolution.
  • What has been the response in terms of signups, and the results in improved employee retention and satisfaction?
  • What future plans are being designed and rolled out.

Michele Leroux
Chief Human Resources Officer, Halton Healthcare

Elaine Do Rosario
Director, Recruitment & Organizational Development, Halton Healthcare

12:15 PM


12:15PM – 01:15PM



01:15 PM


01:15PM – 02:00PM

Session 5

Leveraging the Employee Value Proposition to Transform Your Approach to Recruitment

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In healthcare, you are competing for workers on multiple fronts, including the private sector, other hospitals, and long-term care homes. It is therefore essential for HHR professionals to be deliberate about targeting applicants whose interests and needs match what their organization has to offer.

Defining, then marketing, an organization’s value proposition is key. Each organization has different capabilities and culture and can therefore leverage its unique position in the market. Uncover your organization’s differentiating factors then make it standout amongst the competition to attract talent inherently aligned with your company culture. 

Key Session Takeaways Include:

  • The importance of marketing the Employee Value Position (EVP) through differentiated recruitment strategies.
  • Assessing where you can best compete for talent including incentives and flexible hours to education and employee recognition.
  • Where Louis Brier Home and Hospital is seeing success and what their data is showing.
  • Lessons learned over the past year and how they plan to evolve their strategy.

Loren Tisdelle
MBA, CPHR, Director, Human Resources, Louis Brier Home & Hospital (Vancouver)

02:00 PM


02:00PM – 02:45PM

Session 6

Panel: Strategies and Successes for Supporting Your HHR Team

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We are bombarded with messaging about the healthcare crisis, wait times, and patient angst. But crisis extends to HR teams as well. As the leaders tasked with finding front line healthcare staff, there is enormous pressure on your teams to deliver.

As well, there are other stressors HR teams must manage. From demands from senior management for change management, new technology implementation, and the myriad other daily tasks needed to manage, burnout can happen in HR departments as well.

How are other organizations managing their teams and keeping them happy and productive?

Key Session Takeaways Include:

  • What are front line HR professionals really looking for and how can you deliver on that.
  • How to balance the goals of the organization and the needs of your team.
  • The importance of work life balance and where to prioritize limited resources.
  • What is working and what not: what are the main learnings we can take away from what others are doing.

Myfanwy Marshall
Vice President, People and Experience, CAMH

Matt Snyder
CHRO, SE Health

02:45 PM


02:45PM – 03:15PM


Afternoon Break

03:15 PM


03:15PM – 04:15PM

Session 7


Speaker introduction by: Catherine Gaulton, Interim CEO, Healthcare Collaborative Benefits

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There will always be moments in life when we are challenged – what really defines us, is how we bounce back from adversity. So how do we position ourselves better to not only survive tough times – but THRIVE through them?

One thing is for sure – your current challenges (economic changes, staff shortages, new IT systems, etc.) aren’t the first you’ve encountered – and they definitely won’t be the last.

Although our problems can seem insurmountable, building the mindset to thrive is simpler than it seems and is a culmination of small daily actions and attitudes. There is one simple and powerful strategy that anyone can use to be more resilient – regardless of their age, job title, seniority, or challenge they face – mindfulness.

We’ll breakdown the three main ways mindfulness creates unshakable resilience, so we can not only experience challenges with more ease, but LEARN and GROW from them as well.

In this session you’ll practice several quick and simple mindfulness techniques to add to your resilience toolbox so you can weather any storm that comes your way.

This session is designed for anyone wanting to navigate challenge with less stress and more ease. Specifically it’s great for folks in high stress and change industries (think first responders, healthcare workers, educators, folks in law and finance, etc.)

When you lead with the skills to thrive, your team thrives too, and they become valuable assets for your company, helping you weather any storm that comes your way.


  • Understand mindfulness beyond the buzzword – what it is and how to integrate it into your life is small, impactful ways.
  • Learn how to develop a sense of inner calm, even during chaotic times and how it becomes the foundation of your resilience.
  • Learn a simple mindset shift to feel empowered and motivated to keep going through challenges big or small.
  • Learn how to see the forest for the trees – the big picture – to get perspective needed to be resilient.
  • Learn how to slow down and incorporate even short moments of rest for your nervous system so you don’t burnout.
  • Understand and practice cognitive resilience -so we can learn and grow from our setbacks.
  • Be inspired to take small daily actions to reduce the impact of challenging times on your mind, heart and body to set you and your team up to THRIVE.

Trish Tutton (she/her)
Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher



04:15PM – 04:20PM



Closing Remarks

Althea Coutinho
Senior HR Consultant, CAMH

04:20 PM


04:20PM - 06:00PM


Networking Reception

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