Jignesh Padia

Enterprise Risk Management, Quality Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma) and Change Management Expert

Jignesh is an Enterprise Risk Management consultant with over 15 years of experience. Jignesh earned his Master’s Degree in Biochemical Engineering from University College London, UK. He has worked for Fortune 500 organizations, public sector as well as led startups in the healthcare and biotech sector. Jignesh has developed a reputation of a dynamic, innovative, and motivational leader.
Jignesh is a subject matter expert in the areas of Healthcare Risk Management and Quality Improvement. He is the inventor and creator of the “Risk Game”. For this, he developed manuscript, participant kit and design principles enabling gamification of the Enterprise Risk Management Concept. He is specialized in managing Enterprise Risk Management programs, incident reporting system, risk-culture and change-management and healthcare information technology projects. He is a well sought after coach and trainer for the ISO 31000 and COSO framework implementation and also offers CMQ / RIMS-CRMP certification training.