Rob Burgess

Senior Director, Prehospital Medicine
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Rob Burgess is responsible for the overall operation of the Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine Centre. He is responsible for monitoring the quality of patient care and services provided by over 2000 paramedics in seven regional/municipal Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Ontario (including two First Nations sites).

In addition, he is responsible for strategic planning and operation of Ontario’s Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT), a mobile medical field unit that can be deployed anywhere in Ontario with road access and within 24 hours. The EMAT can set-up a 56 bed unit that provides a staging and triage base, and has the capability to treat 20 acute care patients and 36 intermediate care patients. The team is multidisciplinary and is comprised of over 130 active members including physicians, nurses, psychosocial workers, and x-ray technicians.

The Centre is required to maintain a state of readiness and execute deployment following recognized incident management (IMS) principles.